Here’s what some Clients have said…

My styling session with Rachel was an easy, enjoyable and successful way to buy clothes that suited me and accommodated my taste. She provided fresh ideas and options for both the new purchases and combining pieces in my existing wardrobe that I would never have found on my own but that I love. It was a fun and efficient way to shop thanks to Rachel’s experienced and her relaxed approach – I definitely recommend Rachel’s services to others!
Kristina, South Melb


Hi. Just had to tell you. I was just in a meeting with my boss. A very classy lady – and mid conversation she stopped me and said sorry but j just have to tell you you look beautiful today😀🤗 of course I blamed you and accepted graciously. Thank you.

Anonymous, Ferny Creek

What an amazing experience with Rachel Dennis. At first I had wardrobe styling with Rachel, where she very quickly taught me what shape clothes and what fabrics will give me the most flattering look for my body shape (Apple). In 1 hr I had many new flattering combinations of my own clothes, that I was excited to wear. By 2 hours I felt completely confident with what goes with what, and what I should look for when shopping next. Rachel identified what pieces I could buy to enhance and update my current wardrobe. With Rachel’s natural talent and love of fashion combined with the love & kindness she shows to each and every client. I booked a 2hr Powershop at Eastland!

My experience of a 2 hr Powershop with Rachel, has changed my life! Why? Because in 2 hours I had completed a shop with minimal fuss and trying on of clothes, not a second wasted! Rachel knows where to shop for your style & budget. Her experience in this industry is invaluable. We even came in under budget!

I feel so confident in all of my clothes. My self esteem has sky rocketed, now that I love what I see in the mirror. No more cringing and pulling at fabrics, and saying “this will do!”

Am also receiving many compliments as I got about my day. And it warms my heart to say a lot of compliments from my hubby who loves the new looks!

Thank you Rachel, I look forward to using your life changing service again, when summer hits!

Margaret, Upwey
To some the selection of clothes laid out on my bed may look like a spread of new clothes – and I am embarrassed to say that at one time it was – in fact many of them would still be classed as new as they have either never been worn or warn so very little that I could have left the tags on. Don’t get me wrong, I like these clothes, in fact many of them I love – that is why I bought them – only problem is – I don’t love them on me.

I am a curvy girl. A small waist, busty (and annoying) G Cup and a Kardashian bottom. Very few of these attributes are seen in the maniquens and models that I see the clothes displayed on before I buy them. Sometimes the only joy about a purchase comes from the fact that something fit – not that it fit well or looked good – but it fit. Like I hit the jackpot.

I don’t have a huge budget and do not tend to focus on brand clothes – but good quality clothes that feel good and last me a while. Surprising for me though, if I added up the cost of the clothes that have left my wardrobe and headed to the Salvo store, I would easily be able to afford a David Lawerence wardrobe every few years.

Earlier this year I had a wardrobe audit. This wasn’t my first taste of being honest with my shopping habits but it did start me on my way, followed by Maria Kondo’s book on the joy of decluttering. So by last week I was down to a wardrobe about a third the size of my husband and it was time for my 2 hour power shop with Rachel.

I had saved for this shopping spree – I had a budget and a focus and had truly done an assessment on what I needed. Rachel made it effortless for me to focus on my shape so that my clothes felt nice and flattered my body. Within little time, I had purchased key pieces to address some of my daily frustrations of not knowing what to wear with what in the morning. I realised that this was partly due to my own build in rules that I had adopted over time that meant I did not even consider putting some fabulous pieces together.

I also learnt that I could achieve the look I wanted, but only when I accepted and shopped for the clothes that were for my shape.

I am not quite down to a capsule wardrobe but already 4 days in I am getting so much job from my new purchases – and I’m looking forward to getting ready for work tomorrow.

Thanks Rachel.”

Anon, Melbourne
Thank you for a fun and most productive morning! I love my outfits, they are great quality, fit well and work well together. I also have a very clear idea of what pieces to look out for to complement them.

Ginny, Blackburn

“Thanks for a wonderful day today. You bought me such joy and confidence. I’ll be in touch to book our shopping trip.”

Kerryn, Ferny Creek
” I was sick of spending and wasting money on clothes I never wore. Rachel was able to help and teach me what suited my shape.  I think I have less clothes but I feel I have more outfits than ever before! Rachel helped show me the styles and brands that worked for me. I definitely feel much more stylish than ever before.

Kate, St Kilda
” I really liked my shopping experience with Rachel. Especially the Wardrobe make over session, which was great. I have definitely learnt a lot about what looks good on me and it has made me think that I could be a bit more adventurous with my choices. it has also given me some ideas for future clothes shopping; helping me choose more wisely. I liked the fact that she took photos which really helped me to see the way the different clothes looked on me. All in all it as a great day!! Thanks Rachel”

Phillipa, Malvern East

“Hi Rachel, I had an excellent time shopping with you and learnt a lot, so thank you very much.  I have been telling everyone about your services and how great you are!!”

Annalise, Balwyn




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