New Year New Outfit


Every Year we get a new one and they feel like they come around faster every year. It’s a time to reflect on the year that has been and dream of what is to come in the next.

Ringing in the New Year is an important part of letting go of the past and embracing the future so get your glad rags on and start the New Year as you’d like to continue.

Here are a few outfit ideas to inspire you to make this year’s celebrations a stylish one…..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  May 2017 be filled with inspiration, creativity, love, laughter and some lovely outfits!

P.S – Most of these are on sale.  Click on the link in captions


From Left – Country Road One Shoulder Dress, Top right – Sarina Suriano Earrings, Middle – Marcs Clutch, Bottom – Tony Bianco Heels



Left – Reiss Jumpsuit, Top right – Christie Nicolaides Earrings, Middle – Nikki Williams Clutch, Bottom – Habbot Heels



Left – Morrison dress, Top – Marcs hat, Middle – Jan Logan Earrings, Bottom – Senso Shoes


As much as I am able to appreciate my last Shoe post visually and as a Stylist; the thought of spending more than a few hours in heels is my idea of hell and I know I am not alone. Not all of us trained our feet to wear heels and find the pain a major distraction from living our lives to their fullest.

Here are my picks of Flats and Boots that’s I’d love to get about in this Autumn/Winter.

Most of the brands will be familiar to you but there is one that you might not have had the pleasure of getting to know.  I am talking about Habbot.  The brain child of Annie Abbott, a talented Melbournite with a passion for shoe design and a desire to have them beautifully hand made at some of Naple’s best shoe makers.  They have a store in the newly refurbished The Strand Melbourne and in the iconic Royal Arcade.  If you are wanting handmade quality footwear please pay them a visit or head to their online store.

I am in love with the patent leather coming through in flats this season.  It gives our comfy flats some glamour, making their limited height less noticeable as the high shine is the attraction here.

This season we’ll see the sneaker hold it’s position as a major trend.  This is music to a flat shoe wearer’s ears.  Team it with your mid-length skirt and  a roll neck jumper for a great off/on duty look.  Ginger and Smart have been clever with the hard ware on their sneakers, adding some rose gold zips and studs.  Wittner’s Beckett is a less expensive pair that offer similar flexibility with what you can wear them back with.

So go forth and be comfortable.  Your feet and the person you’re trying to have a conversation with will thank you!

Habbot – Exposure $395, Walnut Melbourne – Driving Leather Loafer $129.95


Wittner- Jerome Boot $249.95, Habbot – Magnify Boot $450


Habbot – Dose Shoe $395, Ginger and Smart Forte -Sneaker $369


Wittner – Keiko $179.95, Country Road – Carrie Flat $119


Country Road – Ira Knee High Boot $299 , Wittner – Isabelle Boot $329 


Habbot – Cha Cha $325,  Habbot – Dish $395,  Wittner – Beckett $99.95

Bag of tricks

Bag- Mecca, Blusher – Mac’s Fleur Power Satin Blush, Eye Shadow Mac’s Burgundy times Nine Palette, Lipstick – Mac’s Satin finish in Faux, Instant Volume Powder – Schwarzkopf , Dry Shampoo – Klorane 


We all need a little help in the morning. Especially on those mornings when we haven’t slept well, don’t have time to wash our hair or generally feel a little lack lustre.  This is my bag of tricks.. products I rely on to help me emerge into society every day.

I’m not sure how I got by before discovering dry shampoo.  It feels like there are two very distinct periods in my life; before dry shampoo and after dry shampoo.  Before dry shampoo I had to wash my hair most days so that it wasn’t a complete greasy mess.  As I’ve mentioned before I have 2 children so find that time to blow-dry and make my self presentable is limited.  A few sprays from this magic can and I’m grease free.  I like the Klorane brand.  It works well in my ash blonde hair and is available at most supermarkets; so easily accessible.

A more recent, but equally profound discovery, is ‘instant volume powder’  While Dry Shampoo does as you’d expect, making your hair appear more clean than it is, ‘instant volume powder’ provides more of a post salon/ freshly styled look.  A few sprinkles in the roots and you can add volume; sprinkle it along a length of hair and you can control where your hair sits.  From what my Hair stylist friends tell me some are better than others so get some advice on what might work for you.

When I was a new Mum and people came by to meet little Milla they would often comment on how well I looked.  I maintain to this day that it was very much thanks to blusher and eye shadow.  It certainly wasn’t a result of a well slept night.  A gentle lashing of blusher and an application of eye shadow that compliments your eye colour, can transform you from zombie to human in a matter of seconds.  I love Mac products.  They have such a variety of colours and finishes that compliment every complexion. I have blue eyes so choose a Burgundy eye shadow palette and soft pink blusher for my fair skin. Professional Make up Artists favour Mac so I figure if they work for the harsh lights of film and TV they’ll be brilliant for the real light of day.

Please share some of your ‘tricks’ in the comments below.




Hello Darling

Darling Style Merchants and The Parlor Milk Bar and   Kitchen. 40 Weatherall Road, Beaumaris
Darling Style Merchants and The Parlor Milk Bar and Kitchen. 40 Weatherall Road, Beaumaris

There is no better time to introduce you to Darling Style Merchants than now.  With Christmas only a month away this is the post you need to read.

Beaumaris didn’t know what hit it when The Parlor Milk bar and Kitchen opened it’s doors in 2011. With the help of family and friends; business partners Tamare Karakulahian and Bonne Squires transformed the tired Weatherall Road address into a thriving cafe and in 3 short years it has become a destination for locals and good food and coffee hunters alike.

When the hairdresser in the same building revealed she was closing her doors Bonne and Tamare quickly teamed up with Charlotte and Tania Squires to realise another dream; opening a gift and clothing store and soon, Darling Style Merchants was born.


When you meet the creative team behind Darling it becomes obvious that the name was a natural and suitable choice. The dictionary meaning for Darling is a person very dear to another; one dearly loved. This sums up the connection these four wonderful women have with each other and the special bond that gives this burgeoning empire such a bright and addictive energy.
They are now a genuine triple threat – food, gifts and clothing all under one roof.


They have sourced an amazing collection of brands from all over the world. This is truly a one stop shop for Christmas.

Click on the names below to learn more about the wonderful brands they have sourced for you to enjoy!!


Blacklist Studio

Indus Design

Chalice Clothing

Martha Jean

Middle of Nowhere

Rhi Creative

Citta Design (one of my fav homeware brands)

Have you met Miss Jones


Kate and Kate


Mint home

Butter London

Kate Spade NY

Nana Huchy

And more…..


Jason Grech Spring Summer 2014

Jason Grech

A couple of posts back I interviewed my dear friend Jason Grech as he worked crazily to finish this collection in time for MSFW.  Since that post I have seen these stunning gowns grace the catwalk and now have these beautiful images taken by Andrew Maccoll to share.  Jason teamed up with the very talented Richard Nylon who made the striking headpieces that are so complimentary to Jason’s vision for his ‘ Birds of Prey’ collection.

I believe this is Jason’s strongest collection to date.  I feel privileged to have witnessed his creative process 1st hand; from sketching, planning the fabrics, the runway and this fabulous shoot.






Shoot credits
Andrew Maccoll Photography
Production :
Talent : Emily Louis Thomas
Hair and Make Up: Trish Sousa



Going Bust

Every woman has them and whether you have big ones or small, whether you wear a size 6 or 18, there is every chance you need a hand getting your breasts in an optimal position.  Like boobs, not all clothing is created equal so inevitably different garments will suit some figures more than others.  But there are products out there to help bridge the gap; making smaller busts appear larger and large, more compact.

Panache Lingere AW14
Source – Panache LIngere AW 14 Lookbook

Issue #1 – Small bust = Hollows

A common issue when styling corporate clients is that breasts don’t sit where the darts are placed on the garment or simply don’t fill out the space designed to house breasts.  It would be easy to rule out that piece of clothing and move on.  But what if there was a solution? After all the jacket is the perfect colour and the shoulder line is super flattering and it’s a great price .  The solution could be as simple as swapping your soft lace bra for a moulded cup with slight padding or push up.

My Favourites are… (click for link)

Intimo – Trousseau Push Up Bra

Intimo – Dream Bra

Pleasure State – My fit OMB Super Boost Bra

This is probably one my best finds recently.  To further enhance the bust try Uniqlo’s Bra Camisole.    This light weight camisole has built in bra cups and shapes without clasps.  Not only is it comfortable on it’s own; it can be worn on top if a push up bra, adding an extra cup size.


Issue #2 – Large Bust = Overspill 

A large bust can have the opposite problem and the width of the breast can spread outside the chest panel, edging it’s way across the bicep.  If the correct cup size has been established it’s likely this unflattering problem is caused by an unsupportive bra without enough internal structure confining the breast.  Remedy it with a bra that offers side support.  This is an extra layer within the bra that scoops around the outer side of the breast bringing it up and in.

I am a busty 14DD and having breast feed two children need some help with lift and shaping.  It was soon after having my 1st daughter that I discovered Panache Lingere and I’ve loved it ever since.  The wonderful people at Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore fitted me with what I fondly refer to as my boob job bra. It makes me feel perky and secure while still being a cute basic.  Panache cater for sizes 30D- 38G also offering an amazing Sport Bra and Swimsuits with sized Cups.

 My Favourites are…

Panache – Porcelain Viva  aka Boob Job Bra

Panache – Dahila – side sling support for extra shaping

Maquerade – Rhea

Panache – Sports Bra

Panache Swimwear – Marina 


So next time you try a tailored jacket or shirt, don’t rule it out immediately.  Think about what you are wearing underneath and the impact that can have on your clothing choices.


Guest Post for The Boudica Files

I recently had the honour of writing a guest post for my friend Amelia’s beautiful blog The Boudica Files

Here it is..

Just as the weather in the Southern Hemisphere becomes colder the Fashion World starts showing us what will be on offer next summer. These are some of the trends that will start to hit the stores in the coming months. Here are some of the Key Trends for summer 14/15

White Shirt
This is really a year round trend but it’s the styling that differs this summer. Shapes are loose and comfortable teamed back with patterned mid length pencil skirts *. The white shirt is treated like a tshirt this summer; no longer seen as smart workplace attire; the movement, like tailoring, is towards casual and relaxed.

White shirt

Photo Credit –
*Styling Tip – Choose either top or bottom for volume and balance the other half with something fitted for a more flattering silhouette.

Head to toe print.
While it’s still very fashionable to clash your prints*; wearing the print both top and bottom is the fresh new way to style prints this summer. I love the way Ginger and Smart have mirrored the print but used a different texture to differentiate the top and skirt.

*Styling tip- Large print + small print is the key to the clash


Ginger and Smart – Photo credit –

What a perfect trend for warm weather. The lightness of the fabric screams summer but it’s also looks elegant without completely covering up. The area of sheer can vary in position depending on your body type. If you don’t want to give a glimpse of your midriff opt for a mid-calf length and have the sheerness from the knee.


Haryono Setiadi– Photo credit

Thankfully we are steering away from head to toe highlighter shades and the trend this summer is for soft pastels. They are much kinder to most complexions and more complimentary to the prints still dominating this summer. While we have seen pastels in knitwear during winter; tailoring has also been painted in pale shades of pink, peach and soft sage green next season.
By Johnny

By Johnny– Photo credit

Soft Tailoring
Sharp tailoring and the stern peplum silhouettes of previous seasons make way for soft tailoring this summer. Shirts and jackets are slouchy and often unlined; perfect in the heat.*
*Styling Tip- To make this trend more flattering, make sure the line on the shoulder is square to your arm. If that line starts to creep down your arm the jacket will appear ill-fitting and become unflattering.


Maticevski –Photo credit

Fashion Week Wrap Up

This years MBFWA was the strongest yet.  Sydney showcased the growing talent of designers in Australia.  While some names have been working tirelessly for years, there was still a sense of emergence this year. Australia’s Fashion Industry’s coming of age.

Toni Maticevski – Source

Toni Maticevski’s collection was a standout.  The full skirts and sculpted bodices are ladylike but the fabrication and cut modern and sharp.  I had the privilege working with Toni on some Couture dresses for Sonia Kruger a few years ago.  There he was living at his studio working late into the night on his collections and made to measure wedding dresses.  His talent was obvious then,  so it’s great to see his work mature and sit comfortably on the International stage where it belongs.

From top left- Ginger and Smart, Alex Perry, Lover, Ginger and Smart, Lover Source

Lace graced the catwalk again.  Lover, Alex Perry and Ginger and Smart were my favourites. Alex Perry bucked the trend for longer hemlines and kept them thigh high.

From bottom left- By Johnny, Bianca Spender, Toni Maticevski, Dion Lee   Source

Pastel tailoring was seen in collections from Dion Lee, Toni Maticevski, by Johnny and Bianca Spender.

It’s hard to imagine shopping Spring and Summer trends as the temperature drops and the day shortens but there is no harm in planning for the future…….



Best Everyday Heel Award

Stop the  press… I have found the perfect shoe.  Sachi’s Naomi Presenting changed my perception of a day in heels.  Some woman can in heels without a second thought.  I am no such woman.  My work often requires a lot of pavement pounding; distraction by sore foot is not an option. Experience warned me that by midday, after a morning in heels, I would be reaching for my  flats.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Naomi and I could spend hours together racing from store to store without as much as a rub let alone the crippling pressure on the ball of my foot.

The picture doesn’t do her any justice.  While the heel only measures a humble 7.5cm Naomi still looks hot paired with some skinny jeans . She has the sexiness of her stiletto sisters without the pain.



If the Suit fits… AW14

It suits you


Men’s suiting is entering an exciting time.  AW 14 sees a real development in the way men wear and style suits.  It’s like men everywhere have seen the female of the species accessorise and have decided it’s their turn.  At a recent showing of Hugo Boss’s new collection we were introduced to the male floral brooch.  Some men may gasp but I predict within the next few Racing seasons a suit’s lapel will be well adorned.

For those not ready to embrace the brooch the Pocket square has gained major popularity over the last few seasons; helping men individualise their style.   It’s also great to see people pulling out their tie clips.  I think it’s wonderful to see these accessories regain their place in a man’s wardrobe.  They are akin to jewellery and can rightly take their place in the family treasure box to be passed on to future generations as a symbol of timeless style.

Suiting itself is trim taught and terrific. Sitting close to the body they are sculpted to fit.  It’s my recommendation that men buying a suit off the rack have them altered in the necessary places to give a strong silhouette. If a suit fits well along the shoulder line; sleeve lengths and back seams can be shortened and tapered.

The colour of the season is Blue.  As a sales exec at BOSS explained Black is now reserved for evening in place of a tuxedo.  Texture in the cloth, waist coats and plain coloured ties are also dominating this season.  Stripes are out and Checks are in.

It’s menswear’s time to shine.  As the Autumn Racing carnival kicks of in Australia it’s the gents chance to add their individual touch and maximise their chance to accessorise.