Sometimes a trend comes along and you think to yourself “how wonderful, it’s like the fashion world gets me”.

For me, the sneaker trend is the most wonderful thing to have happened in fashion in my nearly 4 decades.  Don’t get me wrong I have a deep love of couture and felt quite strongly about the checked trench I saw someone wearing last night but it is the sneaker that has had the biggest impact on my style as well as my ability to do my job comfortably. AND they are everywhere in every colour and finish you could dream of.

The beauty of this trend is it has transformed how we wear sneakers and where we can wear them. Like the picture above shows; they are no longer for jogging and jeans. They can be worn with skirts, dresses, they are even styled with folk style dresses and ball gowns.  The rules have changed and it’s time to get comfortable.

These are a few of my favourites coming into the warmer season.  Click on the links to take you to the store.


Clockwise from top left – Balenciaga from Sneakerboy, Superga from Glue Store, Edward Meller, Tony Bianco, Adidas from Sneaker Boy


Clockwise from top left -Puma,  Balenciaga from Sneakerboy,  Edward Meller, Tony Bianco, Tony Bianco

Personal Stylist Melbourne


I really love Personal Styling.  For me it’s a chance to use what I have learnt for the benefit of someone else.  I have often struggled with confidence and bouts of anxiety myself and want to elliviate these feelings in others if I can.   In a world where we are bombarded by images of manufactured perfection it’s easy to mistakenly think this is something we should aspire to.

I know I have the tools to help someone feel better about the way they look and I believe one of the keys to sartorial happiness is not comparing ourselves to others, the 2nd is accepting where we are at at this moment in time while realising that there are infinite possibilities in our future. The time to ‘do’ you is now, not when you’ve lost weight or have more money.  You are worth investing in already.

I am a Personal Stylist because I want people to feel more confident.  I want the negative voices to be quietened so that a person can concentrate on the important things in life and step into the world knowing they are presenting their best and most authentic selves to the world.

I’d love more people to experience this confidence and the joy of dressing with ease everyday like Kate has;  so I am offering 10% off new bookings this month at Eastland.  Please contact me at or to make your booking.  Gift vouchers are also available.

Peace, love and style x Rach

New Year New Outfit


Every Year we get a new one and they feel like they come around faster every year. It’s a time to reflect on the year that has been and dream of what is to come in the next.

Ringing in the New Year is an important part of letting go of the past and embracing the future so get your glad rags on and start the New Year as you’d like to continue.

Here are a few outfit ideas to inspire you to make this year’s celebrations a stylish one…..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  May 2017 be filled with inspiration, creativity, love, laughter and some lovely outfits!

P.S – Most of these are on sale.  Click on the link in captions


From Left – Country Road One Shoulder Dress, Top right – Sarina Suriano Earrings, Middle – Marcs Clutch, Bottom – Tony Bianco Heels



Left – Reiss Jumpsuit, Top right – Christie Nicolaides Earrings, Middle – Nikki Williams Clutch, Bottom – Habbot Heels



Left – Morrison dress, Top – Marcs hat, Middle – Jan Logan Earrings, Bottom – Senso Shoes

The Year of the Ear

Looking for an alternative to the flashing Christmas tree earrings to give you Christmas Day get up some extra sparkle?  These stunning Statement drop earrings are your answer (or potential Present, wink wink)

Through the Spring Racing carnival we saw many of our favourite celebrities don some Christie Nicolaides shoulder grazers.  Her unique mix of gold with multi coloured stones are guaranteed to add some extra glamour; whether worn with a t shirt and jeans or with your favourite party dress. Style Tip – No need to match the colour of your earring with your dress – they’ll work either way.

If glamorous boho isn’t your thang you might be better suited to the streamlined styles from Jan Logan, Sarina Suriano or Aurelio Costarella’s beautiful collaboration with Atlas Pearls.  I’m loving the use of pearls that create something both contemporary and timeless.  Which ever style you choose a large drop earring will add some sass to your festivities.

Below are some of my favourites.  Click on the caption to head to their store


From Left – Christie Nicolaides, Jan Logan, Sarina Suriano
From Left – Punjabi Diva, Jan Logan, Jan Logan
From Left – Lovisa, Martha Jean, Aurelio for Atlas

Personal Stylist at Eastland

I am very excited to announce that I am partnering with Eastland as a Personal Stylist and Shopper. This is a role I have dreamt about since I left the Seven Network and it feels so great to have a dream become a reality.

Martin York


The state of the art shopping destination in Ringwood boasts some of the best womenswear boutiques in Melbourne.

In the Town Square, Martin York is a stunning boutique that has an amazing collection of our favourite Australian fashion brands including Zimmerman, Asilio, Viktoria and Woods and Rebecca Vallance. It shares the Town Square with some iconic Melbourne eateries like Huxtaburger, Jimmy Grants and Gradi.

Level 2 is home to Scanlan and Theodore, Alpha 60, Rodeo Show along with favourites, Seed, Country Road, Witchery and Sass and Bide. Scotch and Soda has its second Melbourne store at Eastland and has awesome casual men’s and womenswear on offer. Sitting alongside it is Calibre and a huge Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maximastore.

Ultra Violet Display


What I absolutely love and respect is that the centre hosts it’s Guests like they’re walking into a 5 star Hotel. Something that I believe sets them apart from the competition and creates a harmonious shopping experience that needs to be enjoyed.  I’d highly recommend using the Valet service where you’ll be greeted by the dedicated Valet, enjoy a complimentary beverage while you prepare to hit the shops and have your parcels collected through out the day and packed neatly into your car.  As a Stylist that has been lugging shopping bags around for more that a decade this is the greatest thing to have been invented.  When you shop with me at the centre this is all part of the service!

If you’re looking for a rewarding day of shopping, contact Guest Services at Eastland to book your Styling Session





Line Up, Line Up

Left – Style Queen Olivia Palmero (image via Instagram), Top Right – Watson X Watson, Bottom Right – Witchery

I have been a stripes fan for as long as I can remember. My eye is drawn to them on clothing racks and they are an integral part of my wardrobe. This season, stripes are back but turned on their heads with width and textural variances making them interesting additions to our wardrobes.

While I’ll always love a horizontal stripe the styles emerging vertically are designed to be softer and instead of being mixed with clean cuts, work best when paired with natural fabrics such as linen and raw edged denim.  We also see a difference in the shapes  and fabric this season with palazzo pants and soft rayon shirts.  The key word for summer is texture.  Whether it’s in fibre laden linen, added embroidery or woven leather bags; adding a textural element gives any outfit another dimension.  Flat lay’s will become texture lays and we’ll be mixing prints and angles in a new and more natural way.

Volume is another style that we’ll see combined with vertical stripes.   The key to wearing these trends in Spring 2017 is proportion eg, the bigger the shirt, the shorter the hemline, the fuller the trouser the more cropped and fitted the top.  A ‘Styling trick’ that also helps is the tuck. It can be the whole top or just the front but what both options do is show some of the hip and waist line.  They automatically draw the volume in and take it from swamped to stylish.  So your tucking doesn’t look as accidental as a dress caught in your knickers a great belt or sash will finish the look and is another area texture can be played with.

So get in line and try some ‘New’ stripes this summer.



Cold Shoulder

Top Left – Mossman – wear in the Evening with tailored pants or tucked into a leather skirt, Witchery – wear tucked with full skirt or layer with a sleeveless vest Bottom Left – Veronica Maine – wear with cut off shorts or Striped Pallazzo pants, Steele – wear with flat strappy sandals, Steele – wear with white sneakers and a baseball cap

Some trends just stick and every brand picks up on it.  The off the shoulder dress, top, jumpsuit is one of those trends.  We first tried it (again) in Spring 2013 and we still can’t get enough.  Personally, I have a long Seed Heritage Maxi from last summer and a recent Seed jumpsuit that I’m excited to wear with sneakers or dress up with my favourite heels.

At first I avoided the trend, thinking, because I have a DD bust that has not stood up well to breast feeding and age.  I thought no bad boy strapless was going to hold up these puppies but as I browsed the racks and came across a long black off the shoulder dress that was just the mix I like of femme and structure; I had to try it.  To my astonishment I looked pretty hot but it was how it made me feel that had me whipping out my card.  I felt like a woman, a womanly woman and for someone who dresses like a tomboy most of the time it wasn’t a feeling I was used too.  Of course I know I’m a woman, the above mentioned bust is a constant reminder but it was nice to embrace it with my clothing choices for a change and make my womanliness work for me not dictate what I could wear.   I had a strapless bra fitted with my gorgeous Intimo consultant, Tania and haven’t looked back.

There is a Strapless Top, dress, jumpsuit out there for you too.  Whether it’s fitted and structured for the Hourglass sisters, bohemian and gathered for the slender or drop waisted a soft for the Apple (me) ; This is a trend worth trying.

Intimo Consultant – Tania Squires – +61 401 164 322

Never fail Colour Combinations

Documenting what we wear has become so popular that it’s easy to garner inspiration from our Instagram/ Snapchat/ Facebook Feeds but this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy to turn those pictures into reality.  This simple guide will help you master some stylish combinations that NEVER fail.

Khaki, black and white

Pictures via Pinterest – Photographers unknown

Since the monochrome trend of a few years ago black and white have become staples in our wardrobes. This trend saturated our senses and let’s be honest, we’ve got a little bored with it.  The next step in our mono evolution is to add another colour.  As the pics above prove (thank you street style on Pinterest) you can mix up any combination of these three colours.  Whether khaki is on top or bottom, teamed with B&W it works without fail.


Navy, cream (and red/orange)

Pictures via Pinterest – Left Nicole Warne, Right Unknown

Navy and cream are a true classics when worn together.  The combination is a softer take on it’s Monchrome sister B&W and has become a go to every season with cream blouse + Navy peacoat combos in winter and Breton striped t shirts and cut off jeans in Summer.

Navy and cream alone would be considered an elegant albeit conservative option but chuck on a red lip or bold red coat and you take your outfit to another level.


3. Denim and pretty much any other colour.

Pictures via Pinterest – Photographers Unknown

In almost all situations faded Denim can be treated as a neutral, meaning it works back with most combinations; a little like it’s friend grey marl.  Our eyes are so used to seeing denim that it’s becomes a non-colour.  Easily worked into any outfit and kind to the colours it’s worn alongside; faded denim can be worn noon or night.

This is a sub-category of my favourite Denim combinations

Denim and Cream

Denim, White and Charcoal

Denim and Navy

Denim and Primary’s like Red and Green.

Put simply,  a base of Black, Navy, White, Cream, Khaki and Grey Marl and faded Blue Denim will work with any accent colour you’d like to add. It’s worth investing in well cut, classic items in these colours because you’ll find they will stand the test of time and outlive any fads.

Book me for a personalised Shop where you can learn more tricks to being your most stylish

Make Up Maestro


Let me introduce you to someone I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 10 years.  Her name is Carlie Christie. She is a professional Make up Artist in Melbourne and has worked with some of Australia’s best know faces and and their manes.  I asked Carlie if she would share some of her tips for making us look as fresh and flawless as the celeb’s she works with.

Carlie Christie – showing the results of her tips and tricks
These are some of her top tips and insider secrets.  She’s also posting some awesome How To’s  on her @carliechristie instagram.

There are so many things you can do for your skin but looking after it is the best thing you can do
Drink loads of water
Sunscreen everyday
Find the right foundation for you, it may be CC creme, full coverage foundation, dewy finish, mineral powder. It does not have to always be powdered.
ILLUMINATE!!! adding a little illuminator to the top of your check bones, temples, chin and even the tip of your nose can add a dewy and fresh finish to your skin. Try to stay away from ones that are too silver and cool, you want them to warm up your skin and give it a glow.

Don’t over complicate it, sometimes you just need an eyelash curler and some Mascara. It can do wonders.
Try to keep it fresh and warm.  Cool colours such a grey, greens, blues etc can be quite unflattering.
I’m not a huge fan of Lash extensions as I have probably seen more damaging jobs than I have good results. Getting your lashes tinted and even permed can be amazing and a lot more gentle to your eyelashes in the long run.
A little highlighter in the inner corner of the eye can really brighten up your eyes.

Keep them moisturised, exfoliate with a dry tooth brush
Get a long wearing lip liner, it helps to keep your lippy on longer and stop the edges from bleeding.
Play around with colour. I love a bold lip. It makes whatever you are wearing or how you are feeling look better!

Thicker brows are still very much in.
I find them incredibly flattering and really frame the face. As you age your eyebrows will thin out so filling them in can take years off.
BrowZig by Benefit is my fail proof eye brow recommendation. You can’t get it wrong, fill in your whole Brow, fatten up the thickness and be transformed with power brows. Once you go there you can’t go back!
When choosing a brow pencil, or brow kit make sure it is an “ash” colour based. You don’t want a warm or red based brow as brows are naturally more cool in colour.

Neck and chest
Make sure you blend your foundation from your face down your neck and to your clothing neckline and décolletage if exposed.  This area is prone to damage due to sun exposure so always apply suncream here and like eyebrows, it is an area that can take years off with some make up help.

Arms and Legs
One of my fave products is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in the Cream formulation- great colour, easy to apply and water resistant so it won’t rub off on your clothes.
Also get your self a tanning mit (J.Bronze is my fave) will save your hands turning orange
Bondi Sands in Dark (foam) it my fave self tanner. I am very pale, so one layer of that is perfect for me.

Get in touch with Carlie if you have a special occasion coming up or book her for a personalised make up class ( she’s happy to work with groups.)  Meanwhile follow her on Instagram and watch her in action


Carlie – 0422035511