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Let me introduce you to someone I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 10 years.  Her name is Carlie Christie. She is a professional Make up Artist in Melbourne and has worked with some of Australia’s best know faces and and their manes.  I asked Carlie if she would share some of her tips for making us look as fresh and flawless as the celeb’s she works with.

Carlie Christie – showing the results of her tips and tricks
These are some of her top tips and insider secrets.  She’s also posting some awesome How To’s  on her @carliechristie instagram.

There are so many things you can do for your skin but looking after it is the best thing you can do
Drink loads of water
Sunscreen everyday
Find the right foundation for you, it may be CC creme, full coverage foundation, dewy finish, mineral powder. It does not have to always be powdered.
ILLUMINATE!!! adding a little illuminator to the top of your check bones, temples, chin and even the tip of your nose can add a dewy and fresh finish to your skin. Try to stay away from ones that are too silver and cool, you want them to warm up your skin and give it a glow.

Don’t over complicate it, sometimes you just need an eyelash curler and some Mascara. It can do wonders.
Try to keep it fresh and warm.  Cool colours such a grey, greens, blues etc can be quite unflattering.
I’m not a huge fan of Lash extensions as I have probably seen more damaging jobs than I have good results. Getting your lashes tinted and even permed can be amazing and a lot more gentle to your eyelashes in the long run.
A little highlighter in the inner corner of the eye can really brighten up your eyes.

Keep them moisturised, exfoliate with a dry tooth brush
Get a long wearing lip liner, it helps to keep your lippy on longer and stop the edges from bleeding.
Play around with colour. I love a bold lip. It makes whatever you are wearing or how you are feeling look better!

Thicker brows are still very much in.
I find them incredibly flattering and really frame the face. As you age your eyebrows will thin out so filling them in can take years off.
BrowZig by Benefit is my fail proof eye brow recommendation. You can’t get it wrong, fill in your whole Brow, fatten up the thickness and be transformed with power brows. Once you go there you can’t go back!
When choosing a brow pencil, or brow kit make sure it is an “ash” colour based. You don’t want a warm or red based brow as brows are naturally more cool in colour.

Neck and chest
Make sure you blend your foundation from your face down your neck and to your clothing neckline and décolletage if exposed.  This area is prone to damage due to sun exposure so always apply suncream here and like eyebrows, it is an area that can take years off with some make up help.

Arms and Legs
One of my fave products is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in the Cream formulation- great colour, easy to apply and water resistant so it won’t rub off on your clothes.
Also get your self a tanning mit (J.Bronze is my fave) will save your hands turning orange
Bondi Sands in Dark (foam) it my fave self tanner. I am very pale, so one layer of that is perfect for me.

Get in touch with Carlie if you have a special occasion coming up or book her for a personalised make up class ( she’s happy to work with groups.)  Meanwhile follow her on Instagram and watch her in action


Carlie – 0422035511



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