Personal Styling frequently asked questions


When I discuss what I do with people these are the most common questions I am asked.  I want my potential Clients to have a clear picture of what they can expect when they hire me so here are the answers… if you have any others I’d be happy to answer them too.

Will you make me spend more money than I want to?

Simple… NO.  Before we even meet we will have established the budget you’d like to spend. It’s essential that I know your budget and your goals so I can get the most bang for your buck and take you to stores that provide the best styles and quality for your budget.

 Will you put me in things that don’t ‘feel’ like me?

The primary role of a Stylist, whether professionally or in a personal capacity, is to fill the brief of the client. On a photo shoot, the client is the person producing the work. On a Personal shop you are the client.

Through my experience with dressing a variety of people from News readers to Hosts of live productions and Sporting Commentators I have the skills to assess what your ‘Personal Style’ is and my knowledge of the Australian Fashion Market makes it easy for me to match brands with your style.

I might get you to try things that you wouldn’t usually try but that’s why you hired me.

Do you work on commission?


I have been approached by brands to represent them and on sell to my clients. I have decided that in order for me to feel I am working with integrity I don’t want to align myself with any particular brand.

My opinions are genuine and based around getting the best result for you.

Can I split the cost with a Friend?

YES! I am happy to cater to small groups. 1 hour per person which is the equivilant of a POWERSHOP per person.

It’s a fun outing with friends. Not ideal if you are hoping for a make over but great if you want to get a grasp on the latest trends and how to make them work for you and spend time with your friends doing something unique

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