This is a question people around the world ask themselves everyday as they get ready for work, head on their first date, open an invitation or drop the kids at school.

For some it’s an easy question to answer, for a lot it can bring with it a great deal of anxiety and some pretty toxic thinking.

As a Stylist it’s my job to make people look their best; dress them in a way that hides their least favourite bits and accentuates their best.  The confidence that comes from knowing you have something on that does this is priceless.

Last year, after 11 years as a Senior Stylist at the Seven Network, I made a very tough decision to leave the comfort zone of a secure job, a salary, super, holiday pay etc to pursue a career and a Freelance Stylist and launch my Private Styling business.

I am very passionate about helping men and women become confident. I believe that having the knowledge to dress confidently has a great impact on someone’s ability to be their best.

If you can relate to anything I have written you will benefit from a Styling Session.

I’d love to work with you.



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