Meet Jason Grech

During my career as a Stylist I have had the opportunity to work with many of Australia’s top designers. The experience is always inspiring but occasionally a creative connection is special and a friendship is formed. When I started with the television network, 10 years ago, I met one such man; award winning designer Jason Grech.   He and I connected over a few champagnes in a Marquee at Melbourne Cup and haven’t looked back. Creatively, he has the power to inspire my ideas. I always get a boost when I visit him in his beautiful North Melbourne studio and love working with him on amazing red carpet creations for the talent I style but the highlight was the Wedding dress he made me back in 2007. I sat down with him recently to catch up on all things Jason and JASONGRECH and would love to give you a glimpse of the man behind the brand.

JASONGRECH couture gown for 2011 TV Week Logie Awards. Shot on location at the JASONGRECH Studio Photographer Damien Pleming
Melanie Vallejo wears JASONGRECH Couture gown for 2011 TV Week Logie Awards. Shot at a fitting on location at the JASONGRECH Studio Photographer Damien Pleming

When did your business start and what lead you to start it?  I actually studied accounting for 2 years! But the pull to be creative was too strong and I enrolled to study an Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology at Kangan Institute.  I’ve just been made part of their Hall of Fame. I can’t wait for my life time achievement award. (lol!!) I went on to work my way from cutter to design assistant for a well known Melbourne Designer then it was time to bite the bullet and start JASONGRECH so in 2003 Harry Georgiou and I launched JASONGRECH (Harry has recently started his own company as a Stylist and Creative Director – so watch that space!)

Jason Grech
Jason Grech

 Tells us about your latest collection and your inspiration.  This collection is all about new life and taking flight.  Birds of prey have been a big inspiration as they’re majestic and Beautiful.  They’re known for soaring to great heights.  It’s about texture, the juxtaposition of hard and soft.  Layers and of course amazing colours.  I’m experimenting with the use of feathers, leather, rope and gold fixtures.  

Where do you source your fabrics? I often see you and your team beading some beautiful lace. You do a lot of this in house, why? We source a lot from Italy and France because they are the World’s best but we do bead most of the laces in house. It gives us the opportunity to play and experiment; we can also create something completely unique.  It’s a lengthy process but the results of doing it by hand are so worth it.  And who doesn’t want to be drowning in lace and beads?

Take us through what the client can expect from walking in the door for their initial consultation to the dress being completed. When clients arrive we sit down and talk about the event they’re attending; whether it be an engagement, cocktail party or for their own wedding.  Our clients love our Studio space.  (the JASONGRECH studio is an amazing heritage listed old horse stable in North Melbourne)  It gives them a sense of the JASONGRECH aesthetic.  We then talk about their silhouette and what shapes will be the most flattering. We offer two services; Made to measure and Couture.  Made to measure is where they have the opportunity to select from one of our beautiful dresses which is then made to their specifications.  Couture is where we make something completely original.  I’ll often sketch as the client’s talking.  These are always amazing because every part of dress is designed for that person.  A Couture dress should remain in your wardrobe forever. We generally see a client 4 to 5 times for fittings.

Taken at Le Paris Paris by Bill Jackson-Martin

What’s new at JASONGRECH? Any thing exciting on the calendar? Some amazing things are happening at the moment.   I’ve just launched my 14/15 Bridal collection and I’m working madly on my Ready to Wear which will take flight during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week this coming September.

What’s your advice to aspiring designers Get as much experience as possible. Learn everything from turning a 2d drawing into a three dimensional piece of art.  Australia has a very small population so one needs to know everything from pattern making to construction.

What is your greatest professional highlight/ achievement? I think earning a living for what I love doing is the best thing.  I am privileged and lucky to be able to do it everyday.   

Where do you draw inspiration from? I draw inspiration from many things. My current Ready to Wear collection is inspired by Birds of Prey. I’m a fan of the environment and wildlife and I’ve recently stopped and looked at birds in detail.  I believe they are some of the worlds most beautiful creatures.

Do you get to relax? What’s your idea of the perfect day? Relaxing is a luxury and I tend to do it with family. I visit them every Sunday and spend as much time with them as possible. My elderly parents have been very supportive and I unfortunately do not get as much to spend with them as I would like.


JASONGRECH  signature

I can’t wait to see Jason’s next collection.  I’ll keep you al updated!!

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